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COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

The COVID-19 virus has created unprecedented and concerning times around the world. As our community deals with this evolving crisis, JFS is committed to providing the critical resources that our neighbors have come to rely on, including access to food, homeless and older adult services, and counseling. For more than 100 years, JFS has been here to help the community. We rely on federal and state funding as well as our generous donors. At this time our agency is in financial jeopardy and the future of funding is unknown. We need your support. Please give.

JFS Winter Newsletter

Stay up-to-date on everything happening at JFS, including special events, development news, programs and services.

Stay Home & Support: No-Show Cocktail Party

One of the agency’s largest fundraisers, the JFS Cocktail Party will transition to a "Stay Home & Support: No-Show Cocktail Party" in order to reach our $65,000 goal. New mission-driven sponsorship opportunities are available and donations of all sizes are greatly appreciated. Continued support from our donors will be crucial as we transition to this new format. Times like these are when we most need the public’s support to ensure vulnerable children, families and seniors receive the help they need. For more information, contact Kirby Reed at (609) 822-1108 x144 or

Kessler Foundation Gives $35,000 Community Employment Grant

The Kessler Foundation mission of driving positive change for people with disabilities aligns with JFS’ Vocational Services, specifically by providing access to job opportunities. Funds will support, train and place individuals, primarily with serious mental illnesses, in cohesive employment as part of Integrated Case Management Service (ICMS) program.

JFS Launches "Strength in Community" Blog

JFS has launched an agency blog dedicated to connecting JFS with the public through informative and thoughtful conversations about public health, social work, advocacy and more. Written by Laura Rodgers, JFS CPO, readers will get a behind-the-scenes look at what JFS is doing in the community to help address difficult subjects such as homelessness and the opioid crisis, as well as learn of inspirational success stories from people in South Jersey. New content published every month!

Be a Friend of JFS

Our services are more critical than ever. Please consider donating to this year’s JFS Friends Campaign enabling us to continue to serve our community members in need and helping us reach our $40,000 goal.

$10 Provides Mammogram Incentive to Underserved Women

The JFS Women’s Health Network provides breast health screening and education to hundreds woman (40+) with mental health, literacy and economic challenges. Each woman receives a $10 CVS gift card which can be used to purchase medical necessities. Without this incentive, 500 women might not receive this life-saving screening.

Village by the Shore Website Now Available

Keep up-to-date with the latest Village news, member benefits, service partners and events.

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