Donor Opportunities

Donors are the heart and soul of JFS. Each year private donations provide support, stability and solutions for thousands of people in our community. Every dollar donated translates to direct service for family, friends and neighbors who struggle with critical issues related to aging, disability, poverty, mental well-being and basic needs. JFS has created agency donor opportunities, beginning at $2,500 annually, which assures support into the future and personalizes the value to the donor. Please contact Beth Joseph, Director of Communications & Donor Relations, by calling 609-822-7409 or email to discuss your personal giving options.

Your contributions enable people to overcome life’s challenges and live full, more meaningful lives. By supporting JFS, you enhance the lives of children, families and adults right in your own community. A contribution of any kind makes an important difference. Together we can invest your gift in the areas of need that you find most meaningful. Your support will have a positive impact for years to come.