Board of Directors

Joel Caplan, Ph.D., Board President

Joel Caplan, Ph.D.

In June 2021, Dr. Joel M. Caplan was appointed to a two-year term as Board President for Jewish Family Service of Atlantic & Cape May Counties. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Caplan served as JFS’ Board Vice President. A long-time Southern New Jersey resident, he maintains a history of passionate community leadership, volunteerism, and entrepreneurship.

Aside from his volunteer work, Dr. Caplan holds the position of Professor in the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University and serves as the Director of the Rutgers Center on Public Security. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, he earned a PhD in Social Welfare Policy. In addition, he holds a Masters degree from Rutgers and a Bachelor’s degree from The College of New Jersey.

Dr. Caplan resides locally in Atlantic County with his wife, Oranit, and daughters, Oriellah and Shailee.

Governance Officers
  • Joel Caplan, Ph.D. President
  • Matthew Simpson Vice President
  • Melissa Rosenblum, Esq. Vice President
  • Lawrence A. Reich, DDS Treasurer
  • Sarah Rosenthal Secretary
Board of Directors
  • Colin G. Bell, Esq.
  • Eric Goldberg
  • Jess Kane Berman
  • Charles W. Kramer
  • Robin Pincus-Shields, CPA
  • Adam R. Steinberg
  • Aaron R. Sykes
Past Presidents
  • Johanna Perskie *
  • Darren Matik *
Honorary Board of Directors
  • Gail Mackler-Carlino *
  • Ken Eisenberg *
  • Alice Epstein ✡
  • Anna Feldman *
  • Bethanie Gorny, Ed.D *
  • Mitchell Gurwicz *
  • Larry Horowitz, CPA *
  • Shy Kramer *
  • Robert Lang, Esq. *
  • Marc Lowenstein, Ph.D. *
  • Arlene Potler *
  • Patti Reed-Rosenberg *
  • Carol G. Rimm * ✡
  • Lois Rothenberg ✡
  • Doug Stanger, Esq. *
  • Kenneth Steinberg *
  • Richard B. Wise, M.D.
  • Eric Wood, Esq. *
  • Golda Wood *
Community Advisory Board
  • Adam E. Barker, Esq.
  • Susan Fowler Maven
  • Barry Goff, Jr.
  • Jennifer K. Goudy
  • Samantha Kiley
  • Vernon Lawrence
  • Nancy A. Lynch
  • Alexander C. Marino
  • Victor M. Moreno
  • Alexandra E. Nunzi
  • James A. Sarkos
  • Roslyn Talley, MSW
  • James M. Williams
  • John Zarych, Esq.

* Past presidents
✡ Deceased