Links to Health (Behavioral Health Home)

What is JFS Links to Health?
JFS Links to Health is a Behavioral Health Home model that offers healthcare connections, care coordination, linkages and coaching that will help an individual stay healthy and out of the hospital and emergency room. Links to Health also prioritizes the facilitation of communication among behavioral health and medical care providers in both acute and on an ongoing basis.

Who is eligible?
- Individuals 18 years and older
- Resident of Atlantic or Cape May Counties
- Have a chronic medical condition or are at risk of a chronic medical condition
- Diagnosis of any form of schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and/or bipolar disorder
- Current recipient of or eligible to receive New Jersey Medicaid

Why is this program important?
Studies show that individuals diagnosed with a mental illness often do not follow through with the necessary treatment. This can lead to additional medical conditions, lack of critical treatment and even shorter life expectancy. Links to Health providers essential services and benefits to help reduce barriers, increase follow-through and create open communication.

For More Information
Call 609-822-1108 or email.