Supervisor Vocational Services

As a Supervisor of Vocational Services you will be responsible for supervision, coaching, managing your area and/or processes, process improvement, tracking operation efficiency, production planning and levels, controls and instrumentation, planning, dealing with daily problem solving, and/or performing the administrative services of a program/department Vocational Services, LTFA, Pre-ets and additional vocational programs as assigned within the agency. General management includes long and short range planning in determining the best methods to supervise and direct activities of programs through subordinate management staff Job Coaches. Since all staff interacts with our clients, you must be able to conduct yourself in a professional and courteous manner.

Position Specific:

  • Interprets and ensures self and reporting employees are in compliance.
  • Provides leadership and manages unit/program/department; makes decisions; solves problems; develops unit procedures; develop records/files; conducts meetings; represents unit/department/program at internal and external meetings.
  • Manages employees and team performance.
  • Coach, counsel and motivate employees.
  • Train and provide training for employees.
  • Create an ethical, non-discriminatory and safe work environment.
  • Establish effective communication lines/methods.

Position Requirements:

  • Education - Candidates must hold Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in related field.
  • Experience - Minimum 2 years of leadership and supervisory experience.

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