Supervisor Justice Involved Services (Reentry)

Job Summary

Responsibilities include: supervision, coaching and managing the program activities in Justice Involved Services of JFS with a Vocational focus. Direct provision of services and supervision of the Discharge Planning & Reentry services under contract with the Atlantic County Justice Facility. Understanding of the social service system, legal process and the ability to effectively communicate to deliver the highest quality of services for consumers is critical. Dynamics of this position require ability to work in fast-paced environment and include the need for flexibility, excellent communication skills and attention to details.

Working with the Director of Vocational services, Director of AHA/JIS, Associate Director of AHA, and in solid collaboration with the other JFS JIS Supervisor, this position requires ability to analyze outcomes and program development to meet the needs of the community including process improvement, track operation efficiency, production planning/levels, controls/instrumentation, and planning. Supervision assignment includes the performance management & administrative services of the Re-Entry program and other assignments to be determined in the expanding activities of Justice Involved Services in Atlantic County. Directly assigned to supervise two Re-Entry Specialists, a Vocational Specialist, and a GED Specialist.

Position Specific:

  • Interprets and ensures self and reporting employees are in compliance.
  • Provides leadership and manages unit/program/department; makes decisions; solves problems; develops unit procedures; develop records/files; conducts meetings; represents unit/department/program at internal and external meetings off site and on site with the Justice Facility staff, CFG meetings and local criminal justice court personnel.
  • Manages employee’s job cycle including hiring (selection & on-boarding) to team performance (training, performance management, & grievances).
  • Identify and solve employee problems; manage conflict; respond to grievances and investigate complaints or performance concerns of area of responsibility and/or employees.
  • Create an ethical, non-discriminatory and safe work environment.
  • Responsible for knowing and following agency policies and procedures.
  • Abides by Agency/NASW Code of Ethics.

Education - LSW or an LCSW, Master’s Degree in Social Work or related field, OR BA/BS.

Experience – 3 years Leadership experience in case management.

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