Re-Entry Specialist/Justice Involved Services

Summary of Duties & Responsibilities

Supports and develops flexible and individualized program service guides.

Facilitates linkages to a broad offering of community social services.

The supervised delivery and coordination of services to consumers includes:

  • Individual group and family intervention;
  • Outreach case management and support;
  • Referral, advocacy for linkage to essential services after analysis and evaluation of consumer needs and goals;
  • Connection of the consumer to social, spiritual and other community resources as expressed by the consumer; and Development of a wishes and services plan.
  • Provides or arranges client transportation.
  • Provides skills development training, coupled with or based upon an assessment of development and progress.
  • Organizes and supports recreational and/or socialization activities.

Program Specific

  • Ability to engage, assesses individuals in a correctional institution, abiding by polices of the institution
  • Ability to build rapport with individuals and develop discharge plans tailored to each individuals’ need

Burlington County Program

  • Provides individual substance abuse education counseling sessions as per contract with Burlington County Social Services.
  • Facilitates substance abuse support groups.
  • Discharge planning

Position Requirements


  • Bachelors or Masters in Social Work, Psychology, Behavioral Health, Counseling, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, or Criminal Justice. One year of experience in MH setting required for case managers with Bachelor’s Degree.