Homeless Diversion Specialist – Atlantic Homeless Alliance

As a Diversion Specialist, you will be providing services that integrate Homelessness Diversion housing problem-solving techniques into existing homelessness prevention and rapid exit programs such as those in place at AHA, to quickly establish stable housing options and to reduce the length of time and trauma associated with housing instability or homelessness.

Households engage in Diversion services to identify all available supports to prevent or exit homelessness. Outcomes may include maintaining a temporary sub-optimal housing arrangement until a more appropriate permanent solution can be found, relocating, or arranging to be ‘doubled-up’ while awaiting a more suitable housing setting to become available.

You will be situated within AHA services and offer support to its operations as needed. You and the team will partner with additional non-profit agencies in Atlantic County providing support and development of flexible and individualized program service guides facilitating linkages to a broad offering of community social services.

Program Specific

  • The Diversion Specialist will support individuals and families through homeless diversion problem-solving processes along with facilitation of connections to existing prevention funding and/or the project’s flexible emergency funds.
  • Provide services using a holistic approach that incorporates Housing First, Harm Reduction, Trauma-Informed Service Delivery, and Racial Equity practices in the creation of a housing action plan to stabilize housing and, if possible, move the household toward a permanent housing solution.
  • Encouragement and emotional support
  • Support other Diversion Specialists on the team.
  • Activities recorded in HMIS and in JFS purchase orders/spreadsheets
  • Monthly reporting

Education/Experience – Bachelor’s degree in Human Services, 1-2 years of experience in Human Services.

Please send resume in confidence to careers@jfsatlantic.org