Compliance Coordinator

Responsible for working with the Senior Director for Administrative Services to manage the incident review process for all funding sources, design and implement a record review process for the agency staff, coordinate cross-agency training manage the release of records process. In addition, the Coordinator of Compliance will work with the Senior Director for Administrative Services to enhance the Q/A process and staff accountability. General management includes being part of long and short-range planning. An ability to interact with all staff clients, professionally and courteously.

  • Work with IT to follow through with ongoing training protocol for EHR clinical documentation for both staff and supervisors. Assist with training staff who may require additional assistance with current EHR practices.
  • Conduct a more extensive audit of workers that consist of at least 5 charts when issues are identified through High Risk, QA, UIR, or chart review.
  • Coordination and facilitate UIR process including incident report/follow-up to the state, facilitating the meeting, facilitating follow-up with High Risk when situations arise. Also conduct annual training with staff/supervisor re: the UIR process, incident report, and reportable categories. Communication of any recommendations back to program supervisor.
  • Be a member of both QA groups.
  • Help facilitate annual consumer satisfaction surveys and any follow-up reporting to administration. Analyze outcomes of surveys.
  • Work with Senior Director of Administrative Services to complete QA annual review.
  • Review staff HR records to ensure attendance at all agency/program-specific training that are required.
  • Coordination of all required agency-wide trainings and in-house program trainings.
  • Works across agency structure in addressing compliance breakdowns.
  • Leads agency incident review process.
  • Provides regular reports as needed.


Education – Bachelor’s Degree
Minimum 2-years’ compliance/quality assurance.

Personal Trait - Ability to work effectively with Department/Program directors, staff, and committees.

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