Clinician Co-Responder Program - Mental Health Justice Involved Services

Clinician for this position will development and support of flexible and individualized program service guides. Facilitates linkages to a broad offering of community social services. Supervised delivery and coordination of clinical services to consumers including:

  • Community outreach and crisis interventions.
  • Referral, advocacy for linkage to essential services.
  • Provides and/or arranges client transportation per program guidelines and with supervisory consultation.

Clinician provides eligibility assessments, clinical assessments resulting in service/treatment plans, diagnoses utilizing the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Volume 5 (DSM-V), Positive Behavioral Supports, Motivational Interviewing, and crisis intervention. Delivers care that is safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, and client-centered. Also attends team, scheduled supervision sessions, in service training workshops and staff meetings according to agency and program schedules. Develops and maintains consistent positive collateral and community relationships. Prepares documentation of work utilizing agency information systems consistent with agency/program expectations regarding timeliness and content for billing purposes and compliance.

Additionally, For Co Responder Program:

  • Intensive communication and daily partnering with ACPD NCO’s to engage high risk individuals
  • Intensive communication and collaboration with local Municipal and Superior court systems in Atlantic County.
  • Monitor outcomes of the program.

Position Requirements:
Master’s Degree in Social Work with an active Licensed Social Work certification.
One year of experience in a Mental Health (MH) setting preferred. Position requires ability to drive. When using agency or own vehicle, employee must have a Valid NJ driver’s license and proof of NJ Auto Insurance ($100,000-$300,000). Driving will be suspended without these two forms of proof filed in Human Resources (Personnel file), annually.

ACPD Clearance- Position require that the candidate is able to pass the background check of the Atlantic City Police Department.

Working Conditions – Flexibility as far as schedule is concerned (Day, Evening, Full- and Part-Time, Per Diem).

Please send resume in confidence to