Vocational Services

Vocational Services

JFS provides employment services including job placement and job coaching for individuals with disabilities who require assistance to obtain and maintain employment in the community. JFS Vocational Services emphasize integrated work with supports into the business community.  Services are based on the philosophy that all individuals have the right to work in the communities in which they live. JFS' consumer base includes students transitioning from high school special education programs, adult job seekers, and people who are already employed, but in need of some assistance to become independent on their jobs. Services are individualized to participants depending on his/her needs and preferences.

Program Services

Job Development - Job coaches provide set goals with consumers, provide job leads, help with internet job searches, networking, application completion, resume writing, correspondence and interview skill-building as needed/desired by consumer.

Supported Employment - After a consumer is hired JFS staff can provide job site training and advocacy, intensive training on specific work tasks, effective communication, and proper workplace behavior/dress code. JFS staff can act as a liaison between work supervisors and co-workers. On and off-site support are available. Job coach hours are flexible according to consumer’s work hours. Supports are provided on or off site as dictated by consumer's needs and choice.

Funding- Most consumers receive funding through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services or the Division of Developmental Disabilities.

PAWS Pet Care

Paws Pet Care is a JFS consumer-staffed dog walking business offering vital vocational training and employment for individuals with disabilities. For more information about PAWS Pet Care, click here.