The James Klinghoffer Nursing & Nutrition Program

Good nutrition is important at any stage of life; however, individual nutritional needs change as adults grow older. The James Klinghoffer Nursing & Nutrition Program provides a comprehensive support system to older adults in order to develop and maintain a healthy and balanced diet while ensuring good health.

The program seeks to improve the well-being of older adults with limited income and multiple medical conditions by helping them to obtain the good food choices at optimal quantities. Through a professional nurse’s assessment, dietary plan and care, seniors are able to reduce complications and decrease hospitalizations related to diet and medical needs.

Many older adults need both nutrition education and concrete assistance to maintain positive health. This program creates a complete dietary plan, improves access to food and helps to maximize budgets for those individuals who are facing the choice between paying for food or paying for medication.

Having a healthy diet requires that many of our older adults have customized meals and supports that are not readily available. The James Klinghoffer Nursing & Nutrition Program supplements the existing congregate and home-delivered meal programs in this community. It serves older adults who cannot get to a supermarket and who have strained financial resources and a limited capacity to shop.

The James Klinghoffer Nursing & Nutrition Program will work to ensure that seniors living in our community are able to sustain an adherence to the dietary recommendations and access to the available food programs (JFS Food Pantry, KMOW, personal shopping, community nutrition sites). Additionally, the care manager will provide a complete assessment of needs in cooperation with family, medical professionals and the individual. The care manager then develops an appropriate plan to improve the quality of life for their client. Care managers also assist seniors with bill paying, crisis intervention, supervision of healthcare, housekeeping referrals and guidance. When additional aid is needed, our care managers can recommend professional caregivers and elder law attorneys as well as linkages to government programs and benefits.


Jewish Family Service assures top quality care for clients with a low-cost competitive billing structure.

First time assessment fee............. $150
Nursing...........................................$75 per hour
Care Management.........................$60 per hour
Personal Shopping.........................$25 per trip (includes store fees and delivery)

* Sliding-scale billing available based on need and verification.

For more information

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