James Klinghoffer Donates $30,000 for JFS Nursing & Nutrition Program

Posted on January 18, 2014

A long-standing supporter of JFS, James Klinghoffer has donated $30,000 to the Nursing & Nutrition program. Founded in 2010, the James Klinghoffer Nursing & Nutrition program provides much-needed as­sessments and aid to older adults in our community to help them lead healthier lives. This program pro­vides older adults with a comprehensive support system in order to develop and maintain a healthy and balanced diet while ensuring good overall health.

As a direct result of Klinghoffer’s continued funding, as well as funding from additional donors, JFS now has three nurses on staff specializing in diabetes care, heart disease, illness education and nutrition planning. JFS nurses act as medical advocates for consumers providing in-home health assessments, ongoing coordination of care and assistance with dietary needs.

The James Klinghoffer Nursing & Nutrition program also provides homebound seniors with grocery assistance, shopping and delivery, ensuring that their dietary and nutritional needs are met. Having a healthy diet requires that many older adults have customized meals and supports that are not readily available. The James Klinghoffer Nursing & Nutrition Program, an entity of the agency’s older adult program Village by the Shore, supplements the existing congregate and home-delivered meal programs in this community with Kosher Meals-on-Wheels. It serves older adults who cannot get to a supermarket, who have strained financial resources and a limited capacity to shop.

Currently, JFS serves approximately 250 individuals through Village by the Shore, a number that continues to increase. Klinghoffer’s contribution, paired with fundraising and outreach efforts, has allowed JFS to expand the program to meet the growing needs of older adults in our community.

James Klinghoffer has donated approximately $130,000 toward the Nursing & Nutrition program over the past several years.  He encourages others to help those in our community in need of support by donating to the James Klinghoffer Nursing & Nutrition Program.  For more information about this program or to make a donation, please con­tact 609-822-1108 or click here.