Be a Friend of JFS

Posted on September 17, 2014

As the sun sets on September 24th, the Jewish community prepares to welcome the New Year. The Jewish New Year is a time for reflection and rebirth and is particularly relevant during these turbulent economic times facing the local community.

Now is the time to think of community members who are facing difficult economic challenges due to casino closures. In Atlantic City alone more than 1,300 have lost their jobs within the last few months. Atlantic County tops the United States in loss of jobs and the unemployment rate is still rising.

With thousands facing economic hardships during this difficult time, the Jewish New Year is a time to explore new opportunities to get involved and help community members in need.

  1. Make a contribution. As a Friend of JFS, financial donations help fund essential services and programs. Donations can be mailed to JFS at 607 N. Jerome Avenue, Margate or made securely online.
  2. Donate non-perishable food items such a peanut butter, cereal and soups to local synagogues during the High Holiday Food Drive. Food Drive donations help provide essential meals to the more than 200 individuals and families who utilize the pantry each month.
  3. Like JFS on Facebook at for ongoing volunteer opportunities and ways to help throughout the year. From homeless outreach to food collections, there are many ways to get involved.

During this New Year, think of your fellow community members and the struggles they are currently facing. Be a Friend of JFS and help support those in the community during their time of need by donating, volunteering or developing your own way to give back. Please feel free to contact JFS at 609-822-1108 or for more information.