Making Sense of Tragedy

Posted on December 19, 2012

Dear Friends,

The JFS community is deeply saddened by the incident that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. The majority of victims were children ages 6 and 7. These events affect us all in one way or another, whether... we know someone involved or not. As our children return to school this week in the wake of this tragedy they may have questions or concerns. Children who have been unsettled by the recent storm may have more anxiety in response to this new distressing information. Talking with children about their worries and concerns is the first step to helping them feel safe and begin to cope with the events. When your child comes to you with questions do your best to answer them honestly in the most age appropriate way. By limiting the amount of TV watching related to this event and maintaining a regular routine you and your children will be more able to cope.

If you have questions regarding ways to speak with your child when a traumatic event has occurred or would like to speak with someone, Jewish Family Service is here to help. JFS staff members are specially trained to help both children and adults who have experienced trauma. Please contact Jewish Family Service at 609-822-1108 for more information regarding children and family services.


Andrea Steinberg, LCSW
Executive Director

For more information:
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