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Posted on September 10, 2012

Dear Friend,

I am thankful every day for JFS Older Adult Services.

My wife Shirley and I met in 1951. She worked the register at the corner store and I knew instantly we would spend our lives together. When she passed away in December, I lost my soul mate, partner and best friend. For the first few weeks, my family stayed to help me. After they left, the house was empty and silent. I was not sure what to do or where to turn. My despair and loneliness was overwhelming.

I had nearly lost all hope when Michelle, a case manager/therapist from Jewish Family Service, called. She was my lifesaver. Michelle visited often to check in and help with organizing the house. The James Klinghoffer Nursing & Nutrition Program delivers my groceries weekly and a volunteer even puts them away for me. Since I gave up driving, I feel secure knowing JFS can get me to medical and dental appointments. I can’t thank Michelle and everyone from Jewish Family Service enough for how they help me every day. I also am grateful for the generous donations that enable the agency programs and services to continue and grow.

Fred B.


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Atlantic County has one of the largest Veteran populations in the state.
       A gift of $1000 will provide a Veteran counseling following active duty.
There are more than 11,500 seniors living on Absecon Island.
       A gift of $500 will offset transportation costs for homebound seniors to medical appointments.
There is a 45% increase in need for emergency food in New Jersey.
        A gift of $100 will provide a family a week of food.