JFS and Friends like you, together we make a difference

Posted on November 30, 2012

You helped my dad through his most difficult time. I can never thank JFS enough.
-- Peter, son of a JFS Older Adult client

Dear Friend,

As we join together for Pesach, we begin our Seder and invite “all who are hungry, let them come and eat.” Seder is more than a meal; it is a call for social action. As the ancient Israelites took action to achieve their own exodus, our society must take the responsibility to help those suffering today.

This year your support is more critical than ever. The annual JFS Friends Campaign funds essential services for more than 3,500 of our neighbors, friends, colleagues and family members across 17 program areas such as delivering groceries, offering emergency assistance or providing counseling to a child with Autism. Needs continue to increase for our core programs at a time when so many have been impacted and significant funds have been diverted to Sandy recovery efforts. It is the mission of JFS to meet all the needs of people in our community but we need your help. Please support JFS by making a donation to our annual Friends Campaign.

Your JFS Friends donation can be made online, here. By donating as a Friend of JFS, you will belong to something life-changing, meaningful and inspiring. On behalf of those impacted by your generosity, we thank you.


Mitchell Gurwicz                          Andrea Steinberg
President                                     Executive Director