JFS Endowment Fund

The Lois Moss Rothenberg Center for Family Life

  • Lois and Herbert Rothenberg

The Marjorie S. Katz Fund for Eldercare

  • Solomon Katz
  • Carole Katz
  • Nancy Katz Colman
  • Richard Katz

Eternal Light

  • Estate of Rose Ruberg
  • Estate of Arden Wolff

Founders Circle

  • Gail & Charles Carlino
  • The Klinghoffer Foundation
  • Esther & Abraham Grossman Memorial Fund
  • Terry & Kathy Grossman

Heritage Circle

  • The Prudential Foundation
  • The Estate of Betty Abramowitz
  • The Estate of Jules Polakoff

Generation to Generation Circle

  • Ken Eisenberg
  • Ronnie Brumberg Horan
  • Sissy & Marc Feldman
  • Sheila & Alan Friedman
  • Elaine & Frank Gelb
  • Sheila & Mark Jacobson
  • Susan & Robert Lang
  • Deborah Davies & Marc Lowenstein
  • Debra & Gary Rosman
  • Ginger & Joseph Sayegh
  • Angela K Middleman Fund for Women at Risk
  • Rochelle & Edward Middleman
  • Albert M. Hutkin Memorial Fund
  • Lois, Kenneth & Samuel Hutkin
  • Ruth & David Zinman Fund
  • Ruth Zinman

Family Circle

  • Susan & Richard Adelman
  • Barbara Carp
  • Gail & Bob Chorney
  • Alice Epstein
  • Myra & Ernest Eskin
  • Marcia & Bob Fiedler
  • The Eva Moss Memorial Fund
  • Judy Frankel
  • Carla & Andrew Glass
  • Bethanie & Jack Gorny
  • Janet Gravitz, Esq.
  • L Gayle & Howard Gross
  • Diana & Mitchell Gurwicz
  • Robert Hammerschlag
  • Barbara Harvis & Dr. Andrew Renny
  • Judith & Larry Horowitz
  • Shannon & Brad Jacobson
  • Barry Rudolf Memorial Fund
  • Stella Kay
  • Sandy & Bruce Kahn
  • Betty & Abraham Resnick Fund for Elderly Services
  • Rene & Clifford Kane
  • Eileen & Mitchell Kogan
  • Janet & Shy Kramer
  • Kathleen & Paul Krulish
  • The Estate of Richard Levitt
  • Sharon & Ron Lewkowitz
  • The Jack Linsky Foundation
  • Lisa & Mark Lippman
  • Marjorie & Jack Plackter
  • Jodi & Charles Reece
  • The Harry E. Rosenberg Fund for Jewish Family Life Education
  • Patti & Marc Rosenberg
  • Barbara & Henry Roth
  • Kermit J. Moss Fund for Kosher Meals on Wheels
  • Lois Moss Rosenberg
  • Kathleen & Thomas Ruben
  • Beverly & Roger Rubin
  • Phyllis & Robert Salad
  • Andrea & Mark Sandson
  • Karen & Jerald Seelig
  • In Memory of Louise Shook
  • Pam & Steven Sinderbrand
  • Gail & Doug Stanger
  • Lanie & Gary Sinderbrand
  • Patti & Ken Steinberg
  • Jennifer H. Weissman
  • Rachel & Richard Wise
  • Antoinette & Eric Wood
  • Golda & Martin Wood

The JFS Endowment Fund was created to provide important perpetual funding for vital services. Through a gift to the JFS Fund, you can create a lasting legacy of loving kindness and help ensure that - from generation to generation - there will always be sustenance and support. As your contribution continues to grow through prudent investment, the programs or services you care about most will receive annual distributions forever.

Donations to the JFS Endowment Fund ensure that our agency will be here for as long as people need us. We are fortunate that throughout our history, many donors have decided to contribute to the JFS Endowment Fund. This fund serves as a major resource for our agency, meeting emergency needs, providing seed money available for new programs and supporting innovative solutions to the needs of our community.

All contributions of $2,500 and above offer donors the opportunity to create a Fund name which can be created in honor of a loved one or their own name. These donations will also be acknowledged on the beautiful Rosalie and Sidney Simon Wall of Honor in the lobby. “Help us keep the light burning.” By providing a gift to the JFS Fund, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your contribution will live on, providing these services and improving lives for years to come.

For further information, please contact Andrea Steinberg, Chief Executive Officer, at 609-822-1108 or email.