Vocational Coordinator

Job Summary

Master’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or related Human Service. Coordinates and provides care that is safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, and client-centered. Handling case assignments, draft service plans, review case progress and determine case closure. Helping clients achieve wellness and autonomy. Meets or exceeds productivity standards. Specific essential tasks to area of expertise include ability to analyze job tasks, ability to provide instruction or develop supports to teach job and job seeking skills, ability to network in community, to provide supports to individuals with a range of disabilities.

Responsibilities and Duties

Position Specific

·   Support and development of flexible and individualized program service guides.

·   Facilitates linkages to a broad offering community social services.

·   The supervised delivery and coordination of services to consumers include:

·   Individual group and family intervention.

·   Outreach case management and support.

·   Referral, advocacy for linkage to essential services. * Provides or arranges client transportation per program guidelines and with supervisory consultation.

·   Provides skills development training.

·   Develops and maintains consistent positive collateral and community relationships. Prepares documentation of work utilizing agency information systems consistent with agency/program expectations regarding timeliness and content for billing purposes and compliance.

·   Attends team, scheduled supervision sessions, in service training workshops and staff meetings according to agency and program schedules.

·   Responsible for knowing and following agency policies and procedures.

·   Abides by Agency/NASW Code of Ethics.

·   Meets or exceeds assigned productivity standards (should this be first?)

Program Specific

·   Coordinate PAWS marketing in conjunction with Director of Transitional Services and Director of Communications

·   Manage and supervise PAWS Pet Care activities for walkers and job coaches (including scheduling)

·   Oversee PAWS training and intake activities

·   Maintain PETS program caseload

·   Work with program director to develop internship sites and related curricula

·   Maintain Pet Check Technology website information including invoices

·   Maintains caseload of Vocational Services clients

Qualifications and Skills

·   Bachelors in Social Work, Psychology, Behavioral Health, Counseling, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Education or a Bachelors degree with 4-5 years related experience (in human services or education).

·   Fleet- Position requires ability to drive. When using agency or own vehicle, employee must have a Valid NJ drivers license and proof of NJ Auto Insurance ($100,000-$300,000). Driving will be suspended without these two forms of proof filed in Human Resources (Personnel file), annually.

Working Conditions - Full-Time (Flexibility as far as schedule based on client need).  Please send resume in confidence to careers@jfsatlantic.org