VBTS Care Coordinator

As a Care Coordinator at JFS you will coordinate resources and services in response to individual client needs, coordinating, overseeing activities and complex planning. You are an active and contributing member of an interdisciplinary team contributing to team goal setting. You act as a consultant to the clinical team, service lines and other departments and participate in program development and quality improvement initiatives.

A Master's Degree or Bachelor's Degree in Social Work or a related field or disciplines required. (Note: General degrees are not sufficient).

Position Specific:

·   Supports and develops flexible and individualized program service guides.

·   Facilitates linkages to a broad offering of community social services.

·   The supervised delivery and coordination of services to consumers including: Individual group and family intervention; Outreach case management and support; Referral, advocacy for linkage to essential services after analysis and evaluation of consumer needs and goals; Connection of the consumer to social, spiritual and other community resources as expressed by the consumer; and development of a wishes and services plan.

·   Provides or arranges client transportation.

·   Provides skills development training, coupled with or based upon an assessment of development and progress.

·   Organizes and supports recreational and/or socialization activities.

·   Develops and maintains consistent positive collateral and community relationships.

·   Prepares documentation of work utilizing agency information systems consistent with agency/program expectations regarding timeliness and content for billing purposes and compliance.

·   Attends team, scheduled supervision sessions, in service training workshops and staff meetings according to agency and program schedules.

Program Specific

·   Supports Members by assisting them in maintaining independence in the community through assessment of needs and identification of appropriate interventions.

·   Refers to vetted service partners as appropriate.  Please send resume in confidence to careers@jfsatlatnic.org