Grants Coordinator (Part Time)

Responsibilities and Duties

As a Grants Coordinator, you will provide leadership and manage multiple program applications/grants. Acting as a liaison between JFS and both internal and external grant/s contacts, your major task will be to ensure proper scheduling and deadline coordination with project coordinators. You will require the ability to multi-task and as well have excellent time management, writing and proof-reading skills. Three years’ experience in project management, grant writing and/or related responsibilities. Experience in non-profit organization and Word, Outlook, Excel, Constant Contact and Donor Perfect is preferred.

Title Specific

·        Ensure proper scheduling and deadlines coordination with project coordinators.

·        Act as the liaison between JFS and both internal and external grant contacts.

·        Work with JFS and/or external grant team.

·        Collect, upload, complete forms and necessary information as well as submit grants.

·        Share clear strategy information and responsibilities among all involved parties.

·        Effectively execute the development of the strategy for each grant.

·        Draft meeting agendas and notes for monthly internal grants meetings.

·        Review all drafts and final package before submission to ensure all products are of the highest quality and submitted on time.

·        Coordinate with Finance, program directors and development to ensure all aspects of grants are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Qualifications and Skills

·        Education - Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred

·        Experience - 3 years experience in project management, grant writing/coordination and/or related experience.

·        Ability to work effectively with Department directors, staff and committees.

·        Highly organized, strong writing skills, efficient proofreader, attention to detail, ability to multitask.

·        Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, etc.) a plus. Donor Perfect experience a plus.

·        Fleet- Position requires ability to drive. When using agency or own vehicle, employee must have a Valid NJ driver’s license and proof of NJ Auto Insurance ($100,000-$300,000). Driving will be suspended without these two forms of proof filed in Human Resources (Personnel file), annually.

·        Working Conditions – Flexibility as far as schedule is concerned

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