Job Summary

Master’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or related Human Service. Helping clients achieve wellness and autonomy by coordinating and providing care plans that are safe, timely, effective, equitable and client-centered. Provides community based case management to an assigned caseload with specific tasks including completing assessments, drafting service plans, assist clients daily with completion of identified goals and determining case closure.

Responsibilities and Duties

Position Specific

·   Supports and develops flexible and individualized program service guides.

·   Facilitates linkages to a broad offering of community social services.

·   The supervised delivery and coordination of services to consumers includes:

·   Individual group and family intervention;

·   Outreach case management and support;

·   Referral, advocacy for linkage to essential services after analysis and evaluation of consumer needs and goals;

·   Connection of the consumer to social, spiritual and other community resources as expressed by the consumer; and Development of a wishes and services plan.

·   Provides or arranges client transportation.

·   Provides skills development training, coupled with or based upon an assessment of development and progress.

·   Organizes and supports recreational and/or socialization activities.

·   Develops and maintains consistent positive collateral and community relationships. Prepares documentation of work utilizing agency information systems consistent with agency/program expectations regarding timeliness and content for billing purposes and compliance.

·   Attends team, scheduled supervision sessions, in service training workshops and staff meetings according to agency and program schedules.

·   Responsible for knowing and following agency policies and procedures.

·   Abides by Agency/NASW Code of Ethics.

·   Meets or exceeds assigned productivity standards.

Program Specific

·   Provide timely assessment for individuals who are homeless or at imminent risk, with mental health issues; Complete intake forms along with a service plan if indicated; Provide appropriate information/referral for individuals who do not meet criteria for services

·   Conduct outreach in the community to homeless/at risk individuals including participation in site based locations and street efforts, document all encounters in Avatar

·   Develops and seeks availability of community resources

·   Completes other work related tasks as directed by Supervisor of PATH.

Qualifications and Skills

·   Bachelors in Social Work, Psychology, Behavioral Health, Counseling, Psychiatric Rehabilitation (can consider Criminal Justice for Jail Reentry).Masters in Social Work or Counseling with LSW or LAC. One year of residential MH setting required for case managers with Bachelors Degree.

·   Fleet- Position requires ability to drive. When using agency or own vehicle, employee must have a Valid NJ drivers license and proof of NJ Auto Insurance ($100,000-$300,000). Driving will be suspended without these two forms of proof filed in Human Resources (Personnel file), annually.

·   Working Conditions - Flexibility as far as schedule is concerned (Day, Full time, may be some early evenings depending on needs of clients) Sited in the Atlantic City Office.  Please send resume in confidence to