·           Supports/develops flexible/individualized program service guides.

           ·           Facilitates linkages to a broad offering of community social services.

           ·           Supervised delivery/coordination of services.

           ·           Individual group and family intervention;

           ·           Outreach case management and support;

           ·           Referral, advocacy for linkage to essential services after analysis and evaluation of consumer needs and goals;

           ·           Connection of the consumer to social, spiritual and other community resources as expressed by the consumer; and

           ·           Develops/Maintains consistent positive collateral and community relationships. 

           ·           Prepares documentation of work utilizing agency information systems consistent with agency/program expectations.


  • Education/Experience - ICMS, PATH, JIS, and Jail Reentry Programs

Bachelors in Social Work, Psychology, Behavioral Health, Counseling, Psychiatric Rehabilitation (can consider Criminal Justice for Jail Reentry). 

One year of residential MH setting required for case managers with Bachelor’s Degree.  Please send resume in confidence to careers@jfsatlantic.org