Board of Directors

Darren Matik, President

Darren Matik, President

For almost two decades, Darren Matik has been an active member of the community. He currently serves as a Councilman for the City of Linwood and chairs the Budget and Finance Committees. Committed to serving his town as well as the community at-large, Darren has been an avid participant in the planning of numerous community events to promote recreation and public safety, served as baseball and basketball coach, and ultimately as the Recreation Board’s past president, now serves on the Public Safety Committee and is the Emergency Management Coordinator. Greatly committed to the quality of education in Linwood, Darren has worked as Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, Superintendents Advisory Committee, and District Educational Advisory Committee.  Darren has served on Council since September 2012.

Darren was installed as President of the JFS Board of Directors on June 12, 2017. He has been a member of the board since 2013 and previously served as Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee. For the past three years, Darren has served as co-chair for the annual JFS vs JCC Golf Tournament.   A graduate of the University of Delaware, Darren earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, and minored in the study of Political Science.  In his spare time, he enjoys playing and watching sports, especially golf, reading, and traveling. Darren currently resides in Linwood with his wife, Brett, and two sons, Zachary and Xander.

Executive Officers
  • Darren Matik President
  • Johanna Perskie Vice President
  • Joel Caplan, Ph.D. Vice President
  • Traci Werman Treasurer
  • Melissa Pisetzner, Esq. Secretary
Past Presidents
  • Richard B. Wise, M.D. *
  • Mitchell Gurwicz *
Board of Directors
  • Randy D. Ayoob
  • Colin G. Bell, Esq.
  • Alisa L. Elkis
  • Joel B. Frankel, D.M.D.
  • Eric Goldberg
  • Ali Lieberman
  • Lawrence A. Reich, DDS
  • Sarah Rosenthal
  • Matthew Simpson
Honorary Board of Directors
  • Gail Mackler-Carlino *
  • Ken Eisenberg *
  • Alice Epstein ✡
  • Anna Feldman *
  • Bethanie Gorny, Ed.D *
  • Larry Horowitz, CPA *
  • Shy Kramer *
  • Robert Lang, Esq. *
  • Marc Lowenstein, Ph.D. *
  • Arlene Potler *
  • Patti Reed-Rosenberg *
  • Carol G. Rimm *
  • Lois Rothenberg ✡
  • Doug Stanger, Esq. *
  • Kenneth Steinberg *
  • Eric Wood, Esq. *
  • Golda Wood *
Community Advisory Board
  • Joanne Gahr, M.S., CRC
  • Barry Goff, Jr.
  • Jennifer K. Goudy
  • Teresa Katz
  • Samantha Kiley
  • Alexander C. Marino
  • Alexandra Nunzi
  • Sean Riggin
  • James A. Sarkos
  • John Zarych, Esq.

* Past presidents
✡ Deceased